To get interviewed on podcasts as a “Guest Expert” is a great free publicity opportunity today. Similar to getting booked on radio programs or TV shows, you can get a lot of free publicity and attract attention to your products or your public relations clients by being interviewed on podcasts.

Many public relations professionals and marketing people are still unaware of the promotional power of podcasting. If you spend the time to reach out to podcast producers, talk show hosts, and the podcasting community, you can be rewarded with free guest expert interviews that attract new customers for your business from podcast listeners worldwide.

How to Be Interviewed as a Podcast Radio Guest Expert

  1. Identify radio shows that book guest experts like you for interviews: The fastest way to do this is simply to search on Google using search terms like “podcast”+ “your topic”. TheiTunes podcast library is another good place to research podcasts that may want to interview you. You can also try podcast directories like,, or to find shows interviewing guests like you (or your publicity clients).
  2. Find the web site for the podcast to find contact info for the producers and bookers. For most Internet-only podcasts, the host also books the guests. The podcasts of larger “real” radio shows are usually just recordings of their broadcast radio program, so their guest interview booking is usually handled by their radio show producers instead of the host. 
  3. Create and send a pitch specific to that podcast. You need to e-mail, fax, FedEx, or call the producers to offer your expertise and information. Most podcasts are active in social media, too. So you can often reach them through FacebookTwitter, or LinkedIn, if their contact info is not publicly available on their show web site. 
  4. Remember that Podcasters (or radio hosts or TV shows) are not interested in you or your products. Their goal is to find interesting new information that educates and/or entertains their audience. Your job is to craft a pitch that gets their attention by offering helpful details of your expertise that fit into their current radio show programming needs. 
    [Tip: Offer real information, not just a product pitch. A radio interview or TV segment is a big opportunity for you to establish yourself as an expert, not just to get a free commercial.]

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